Our Food

Our pigs are exclusively bred by a local artisan pig farmer

Old Spot

Our Gloucestershire old spot pigs have been fed and loved like pets and this is reflected in their texture and flavour.

They are produced by a local small holding farmer at world ends farm in Saltford between Bristol and bath, our pigs are fed on a diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, pig nuts and beer barley.

We know each pigs name, age and character, making them some of the happiest and healthiest pigs around, with an end result that is second to none.

Something Extra

Although great on their own with a little salt, at Pickled Pig we offer something a little different, we use brines and flavoured rubs to enhance the natural flavour. Using glass fronted rotisseries with temperature control to ensure an even roast, each Pickled Pig is slow cooked to perfection.

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Our Roasting Tradition & Knowledge

Our BBQ are created using traditional techniques with classic hard woods chosen in accordance with your meat.

We smoke the meats using the low and slow method, so that the fats breakdown and the moisture is retained.

This traditional method stems from the original German and Czech immigrants from the 19th century and follows their ethos of smoking meats for long periods of time to produce food that is truly amazing in flavour and a delight to the senses.

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